God came to Jesus on the third day and told him to #420RaiseIt

Is now the time to be posting 4/20-related posts or should they be waiting for tomorrow

Got a bunch of work to do, but zero motivation and energy to do it, I keep just staring at the program instead.

More, I just want to talk about homestuck/music/experience with homestuck…stuff. With other music people. At the same time, though, if everyone’s asleep that makes it kind of hard.

(music monday)


Gamebro? In my Infamous?

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The sad thing about doing work offline is that I can’t go showing it off to people on here.

Like, “oh man look at this backing track I made from scratch for a theater company based off the piano score, doesn’t it sound RAD?……..just pretend the lyrics and kids singing are in there okay”

(happy 4/13)

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Happy 4/13!!

now back to work for me

I passed a toy shop on the way to the theater and saw this in the window

not sure what to make of it

I’m really sad I’ll never do as good an arrangement of Buddy Holly.

OH HOT DAMN the newest TF2 comic is great.

I want to post stuff, but, no spoilers.

This is probably going to seem a little out of place for anyone who’s only seen Homestuck stuff from me, but I figured I should send out an invite on here anyway.

Okay! So! For the past while I’ve been the music director for a small-scale production of Into The Woods in Chicago. If you don’t know anything about the show, it’s basically a bunch of fairy tales thrown together and more stuff later on that I won’t spoil. Think Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc.. I’ve worked the cast pretty hard in terms of vocals, they’ve worked hard on stuff in general, and the show looks pretty great.

So anyway. if you’re around the Chicago area and you have a night off, or just want to see a show, you should come around! It’s being put on directly above Hamburger Mary’s, which, as you might guess, is a restaurant, so you can grab some food before you head up to see the show, if you want.

Tickets are $12 online (you can get them at http://edgeoforion.com/ ), or 15$ at the door, and performances are typically from 7-9:30 at night on the weekend, with matinees on the two Sunday dates we have. The website will have more details if you’d like them.

Anyway! For any Chicago people around, just figured I should extend the invitation. If you want to come by and bug me about Homestuck stuff I’d be highly entertained by that too, but besides that I’m really proud of the company and want to bring the few people I might know out to see the show. See you there, hopefully!