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I did a fugue for school, then I was like “why not stick it in FL”, then I was like “why not put it with an organ sound”, then I was like “well lord english probably would play a giant organ like any stereotypical villain at some point, right?”

(I had to do some volume automation so it wasn’t just wall-of-sound the whole time, since the organ sample I had wouldn’t change volume if I told it to, really annoying)

((can you tell I couldn’t think of a track name))

OYO is one year older.

….Literally, because it came out last year.

But yeah. One year ago, about this time, the last major musical project I’ve ever made came to be. It’s gotten a good bit of positive feedback, as far as I know, and it’s still something that….well, I’d be lieing if I said I felt awesomely about it but at least there’s good bits in there! (spoilers: jit never feels awesomely about his music)

So, yeah. I can’t think of much retrospective to do on it. It took more than 2 years to get done and then updated for better production. How many albums came out during that time? A lot. Why else did things need to get updated with better production? I’m not saying there’s great production on there, but it’s at least better than it was. I think.

At any rate, I think it accomplished everything that I’d set out to do with it. Namely, create a solo album that could stand on its own and also explore a lot of events in the comic. And come to think of it, for something that was basically following the comic events in order, thankfully there wasn’t a lot of “and now 5 slow pieces in a row”. Like, musically, there was a nice bit of ebb to the energy. At the very least, I’d sorta wanted the pieces to flow like that, but thankfully it worked with the comic events too.

Most of all, I still love all the album artwork, and am still hugely thankful to every single album artist that made art for this album / put up with me just popping up and saying “hey yo you make cool stuff do you think maybe you’d like to get in on this”. Really I probably was a lot more awkward than the previous quotation would lead you to believe, do not be fooled. And Another Chance is still my favorite track off of the whole thing (eston you amazing person).

So yeah! Now I’m gonna drop a bunch of trivia/random facts behind a read more.

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Another Homestuck namedrop, this time it’s Kanaya.

Goddamnit who did this.

I was playing a new game on Steam called Papers, Please

and got hit with sudden Homestuck

also it’s a pretty good game I think, it’s definitely interesting

(and for the record, there was nothing wrong with her at all)

serious homestuck thought

when is arquisprite going to reveal that the troll’s breasts are called rumble spheres because they are literally rumble paks from the n64

obama, I’m waiting

john egbert has gone missing

*cues up game over*

Happy 4/13 everyone

I’ll probably write up a post later on after I get through a grad recital dress rehearsal

love you all <3

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woke up and just felt like it had to be done

I just remembered that this existed

vocals (meh how much did these even contribute)- me
everything else (holy shit this is a lot of stuff he should have like 95% of the credit for this)- tensei
original - trogdor by strong bad

Hey, could I get some help from people?

Basically I downloaded these at various times, but am looking for the people who actually made them because I have no idea.

Also I love colorporn, I think that’s the correct thing to call it anyways.

But yeah, if you know who made these, or something close to it, or recognize one of the nebulous watermarks on #2 or #4, could you tell me?

edit: okay

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 - is the only page that’s been found, but that’s someone else uploading it
6 - still nothing

thanks a ton guys, for what’s been found so far!

if this year’s TCAF events (versus last TCAF) played like a problem sleuth level up thing:

You have leveled up from TCAF LV. 1 to TCAF LV. 2

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