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About TCAF 2013

This is a casual reminder that TCAF is not a comic or anime convention, and takes place in a public building with a lot of general public wandering around. Cosplaying/skits/whatever other convention stuff, it’s recommended against doing that.

We put it like this: You probably wouldn’t wear your Captain America or Karakat Vantas costume to the library on the weekend before TCAF, so you probably shouldn’t wear your costume to the library on the weekend of TCAF. All of us that run the show support personal creative expression through costuming and performance, but TCAF just isn’t an appropriate venue for that.

-TCAF website

Last year, there was a lot of talk going around about this subject, but I haven’t seen anything so far this year, and since it’s like in a week and a half, figured I’d just drop in with a note about it.

I’m cause-playing as hard as I can!
Bowman, on the improv stream