Crystamanthequins (fixed)

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Production talk: The old Crystamanthequins is a horrible piece in terms of the sheer lack of know-how I had at the time.

I’ll just say it, I really didn’t know what I was doing at the time. If you heard clipping in there, that’s because the song was. All the time. I had a limiter on the master track with a gain of -8.7 dB and a ceiling of 8.7 dB. It’s really kind of horrifying.

I found this out last night when I went to grab the stems for someone. Right away, I was pretty much just going “aw HELL no” at everything. So, I fixed it. Or more, just fixed the big glaring issue of rampant clipping, slapped some EQ around to clean it up, messed with a few other effects, and rendered it out this morning, all fixed and such. This newer version probably lost a bit of power, since the sonic space isn’t just being boosted into a natural brickwall, but I think I can feel a lot better about this now.

I don’t even want to think about other things made back then.

tl;dr: Going back to something you made 1 year and 9 months earlier can be really frightening.

Anyway, I wanted to upload this “fixed” version for anyone who wants it. Probably could be mastered a bit louder, but overall I think it’s better now than the original was. In quite a few ways.

edit: Oh stupid me I forgot the download link: [redacted]

edit2: WOW. I’ve never had my dropbox broken before. I’ve moved it over to Soundcloud.

edit: should be all fixed now

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The official video for “Fly” from the album Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido by Michael Guy Bowman. Directed by Tavia Morra. Album available from What Pumpkin records at

Part of the music project for Homestuck, a multimedia web comic by Andrew Hussie hosted at


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Lord English Plays Some Organ Music For The Upcoming Intermission

composition: Albatross Soup, Bowman, Plazmataz, Radiation
played by: Jit (me)
additional harpsichord by: Malcolm Brown
emotional counseling by: OMGTSN
ice water by: GFD
professionally produced by: Pleocoma
organ owned by: Andrew Hussie
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Tenebrais, MightyMoose, KalibrationLTD, Buzinkai, and Tyler Dever

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Oh man look, someone did interpretive dance to Homestuck (the song, from the comic)


tyrjiora said: … oh wow hi, i’m the choreographer/performer of that piece. this was a surprise to see on my dash, oh jeez sdfklj. (also minor nitpick, it’s modern/contemporary, not interpretive! not offended by that or anything, just wanted to point out.)

note = made

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lol so I downloaded something that was labeled as the Prospit & Derse album








I got Rickroll’d by the first song
the next was about Eridan not being great like people say and him not even needing a theme
now it’s some weird cover of that I’m So Fresh song

I think I’m just going to retitle these and keep them 


that’s why you don’t pirate the homestuck albums
or I mean, you can if you like that sort of thing instead of homestuck music 

Oh jesus, I didn’t realize this was still getting passed around.

Yeah so we decided to make a bunch of fake download links one time. Or more, there was like, a few different things. One was just Nigel Thornberry sounds, with a bunch of audio stuff done to them, one was the album but after 30 seconds of each song, it would cut to Nigel Thornberry, and one of them is what you’re listening to now.

I feel like I should dig up what the actual tracks were, I think it was me and OMGTSN that made the majority of that stuff?

I am so happy that it has had an impact to the extent of I’m hearing about it on my tumblr dash again

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So I was thinking of remastering some old stuff, recently. And then tonight, at random, I was like “Yeah okay, let’s do this”. So here’s SCS, but with a lot of different stuff. The only things that are the same as the released track are the harmonica sound, and most of the writing. I didn’t use the previous project file for this. I remade it all by scratch.

Also tested out a bit of production stuff, EQing and compressing everything. Not sure if it’s any good, or if the original version might actually be stronger overall, but whatevs mate.


You could probably also call this a late apology for my tracks on the Squiddles album. I really did not like my work on that album, except for the writing on this track. I don’t know why I didn’t do more with both of my tracks on there before releasing. But at least I can put this up for now. (download is enabled on the soundcloud link)

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Soooo I was thinking about Endless Expanse recently, and thought it might be cool to go and upload what it was like before I stuck melodic stuff in (cause it might have ruined it? I don’t really know or care)

Soooo yeah this is it.


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