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someone did rhythm heaven tap dancing whatever it’s late and I’m tired but

pickle inspector in rhythm heaven


this is a Homestuck TCAF post


Panels and programming:

A lovely post by Avrec on meetups:

If you want to meet Homestuck people, here are your options…

Topatoco’s Welcome to TCAF Party
Friday, 7:00pm - 2:00am @ The Pilot
Nothing formal planned, Just look for friendly people in Homestuck shirts.

Homestuck Draw Party Part 1
Saturday, 1:00pm - 5:00pm, meeting inside library
Bunch of peeps sitting around drawing somewhere out of the way. Again, look for the shirts.

Homestuck Draw Party Part 2
Saturday, 5:00pm - 10:00pm, meeting outside library
Sounds like they’ll be going to Dundas Square area for drawing/food.

(Possible dinner meetup closer to TCAF an option if people would rather do that)

MSPA Forumite Lunch
Sunday, sometime, somewhere near TCAF
General hanging out time.

Hussie will be signing things:
10:30am – 12:30pm Saturday in the Beguiling Signing Area – Basement
3:00pm – 5:00pm Sunday in the same place

And please remember, keep cosplay to a minimum or not at all, both Hussie and TCAF have requested there be none. Homestuck shirts are fine, of course. Just remember that this is a public library and event.

Hope to see you all there!

edit: Just for reference, it’s probably good to note that TCAF is happening at the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto, in case you need the address for your fancy Google Map phone app things!

Crystamanthequins (fixed)

If it refuses to play, go to it manually here:

and download here:

Production talk: The old Crystamanthequins is a horrible piece in terms of the sheer lack of know-how I had at the time.

I’ll just say it, I really didn’t know what I was doing at the time. If you heard clipping in there, that’s because the song was. All the time. I had a limiter on the master track with a gain of -8.7 dB and a ceiling of 8.7 dB. It’s really kind of horrifying.

I found this out last night when I went to grab the stems for someone. Right away, I was pretty much just going “aw HELL no” at everything. So, I fixed it. Or more, just fixed the big glaring issue of rampant clipping, slapped some EQ around to clean it up, messed with a few other effects, and rendered it out this morning, all fixed and such. This newer version probably lost a bit of power, since the sonic space isn’t just being boosted into a natural brickwall, but I think I can feel a lot better about this now.

I don’t even want to think about other things made back then.

tl;dr: Going back to something you made 1 year and 9 months earlier can be really frightening.

Anyway, I wanted to upload this “fixed” version for anyone who wants it. Probably could be mastered a bit louder, but overall I think it’s better now than the original was. In quite a few ways.

edit: Oh stupid me I forgot the download link: [redacted]

edit2: WOW. I’ve never had my dropbox broken before. I’ve moved it over to Soundcloud.

edit: should be all fixed now

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This is as far as I got tonight

Thought to myself, oh hey a roof sequence might be coming, let’s do something with that good ol’ dave owns progression and this drum loop I’ve been messing with for ages but doing nothing with, and then my mind just sort of gave up for tonight

I’m not going to try and force it tonight, you can’t force it like a crap

Music-making is not like pooping

Right, I’m just gonna upload this and try to distract myself from everything

to add: tremolo strings, don’t forget those

this is a -beginning-, not a final product by any means

did you know: “john egbert”, “rose lalonde”, and “dave strider” were all the first suggestions for their names



but “jade harley” was the fifth

check it

nah not really
rose: check this and this
dave: plus this

and jades was 4th if you don’t count the one with the 7-letter last name

john’s really was first though you got that one right

Correction to my post before, it turns out that the “evidence” I saw was most likely just doctoring and such, it turns out that Hussie actually never lied and was actually entirely correct! John’s suggestion was first, Rose’s was second, Dave’s was third, and Jade’s was fourth.

Now let’s just take all those “LIES” I posted in regards to Hussie and pile them on my head instead.

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no regrets
"the music team discusses the latest update"

no regrets


"the music team discusses the latest update"

did you know: “john egbert”, “rose lalonde”, and “dave strider” were all the first suggestions for their names

but “jade harley” was the fifth

check it

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A post about solo albums, specifically mine.

I figured I should do a write-up about it, since it’s been on the forefront of “oh man MAYBE it’s coming out soon!!!” for ages.

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The official video for “Fly” from the album Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido by Michael Guy Bowman. Directed by Tavia Morra. Album available from What Pumpkin records at

Part of the music project for Homestuck, a multimedia web comic by Andrew Hussie hosted at


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"Sburban Jungle" - a critique

I’ve noticed something making the rounds recently on my dash - a vocal cover of Sburban Jungle by Topher Florence on SoundCloud. First, I want to say that I am humbled and impressed that someone would go out of their way to cover the entire song - all 3-1/2 minutes of material. Doing anything with a song like that is a huge undertaking.

Again, while I admire the effort (and how accurate the arrangement is), the end result is less than spectacular. In fact, it has a few glaring, fundamental flaws:

1. Instrumentation

It. Uses. ONE. Voice. For everything. Throughout the whole song. One male voice. It’s perfectly ok to write a 4 minute solo piano piece, or a 4 minute flute piece, or what have you. But the voice is a versatile creature, and all this person has done is taken the notes of Sburban Jungle and recorded his own voice over them. NO liberties are taken. There is NO change. There is NO melodic interplay.

As the icing on the cake, the instrumentation isn’t even truly fitting for the voice. The human voice can be anything from deep and broad to high and tinny, it can do anything from sweeping phrases to short percussion. It’s capable of many different types of timbre. This piece breaks the polyphony limit (definition: “two or more independent melodic voices" "limit") consistently throughout the whole thing and never uses HARDLY ENOUGH of the other things the voice is capable of. A capella is awesome, but the point of it is kinda to go beyond, not to limit yourself in an arbitrary manner.

2. Performance

In terms of performance - the voice is capable of awesome-sounding feats when pushed to its limits. The most basic techniques available are portamento, classical vibrato, crescendo and diminuendo, and various other extended techniques. These alone can give a lot of variety and energy to a performance. But there’s nothing. Just flat notes that don’t sing out.

At this level, the whole song sounds like someone took Sburban Jungle and recorded his own voice multiple times to emulate it. Now, it’s a slightly accurate and nice-sounding performance. But it just doesn’t push any limits.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope he fixes this atrocious piece of music so next time I randomly pick out a piece of fan music and critique it, I’ll be impressed and bring him on the music team instead of this.

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"devilfucking dickens"